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How do I make my hoop tape last longer?

Care Instructions

Although these hoops are made only of quality materials, no hoop will last forever. There are ways to lengthen the life of your hoop tape. Here are some tried and true suggestions:

1.      While still learning, try to avoid hooping on cement, tarmac or other   unforgiving surfaces       

2.      Keep the hoop away from corners and ceilings

3.      Try not to get your hoop wet. If it does get wet, wipe off the moisture as soon as possible

4.      Keep hoop away from breakables (one of the fastest ways to lose your hoop if you're a kid)


How do I pick the right hoop for me?

Picking the right hoop can be challenging, but here is a general guide to choosing your ideal hoop:

Size: measure from the floor to somewhere between your sternum and bellybutton. The general rule is bigger the hoop, the easier to hoop with, but that is not always the case. Particularly if you have limited space to hoop in, like your living room.

Hoop Weight: lighter hoops (80-100 psi) are more challenging for beginners and heavier hoops (120-160 psi) are generally great for anyone

Generally a larger, heavier hoop is recommended for the beginner hooper as it is easier to work with.

If you have any questions please contact us directly and let us know your height, hooping level and what you hope to accomplish through hooping (get some exercise or join the circus?) and we will happily help you determine a good size and weight of hoop that will personally fit you.

How much do your hoops cost?

Adult hoops are $25

Tween hoops are $15

Kid's hoops are $12

Can I have a custom hoop made?

Of course!! Just contact us type of hoop (adult or kid) and size you want. We will give you a list of the tape colors currently available and you can pick the two that fit you best.

If you want help or suggestions on the best hoop for you, just send us a message and we will happily help you out!

Where can I get a hoop from you?

There are currently 2 options for purchasing a HoopinHips Hoop:

1. You can look under the Products

2. If you live in the Denver, CO area you can look under the Calendar for up coming classes in the area where hoops are sold as well or you can send us a message with a hoop order and we can arrange to meet up for the hoop delivery so as to save you money on shipping. 

My hoop isn't perfectly round. Is that okay?

Due to the nature of the tubing used to make the hoops, not all hoops are going to be a perfect circle. This does not in any way make your hoop defective or less effective. There are 3 ways to try and make your hoop a perfect circle:

1. Gently push the hoop a few times on the more oval end and that should right it

2. Let hoop sit in your vehicle for an hr or so on a hot afternoon - that will also make it more circular

3. Try both!


The Not So Fun Stuff


In no way will HoopinHips or any persons associated with HoopinHips be held responsible for any injury or problems that may occur due to the use of these hula hoops or the advice contained within. Any purchases made by visitors are done at their own discretion and risk.

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